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Congratulations on taking the first step towards towards much happier digestion AND finally getting your freedom back!

What happens now – 

  • I’ll email all three lessons in the programme to you over the next three days.
  • If you don’t manage to watch them all straight away DON’T WORRY, take your time, you can watch the videos at your convenience.
  • I’ll send all the lessons to you as a catch up email too, once the course is complete.
  • Let me know of any a-ha moments in the comments box under the video, I always love to hear how you’re all getting on 🙂

​I hope you find this mini program valuable in helping you get back on track with your gut health.

What you need to do now –

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My Blog...

Cooking Oil: Which is Best for Gut Health?

Cooking Oil: Which is Best for Gut Health?

There’s loads of confusion around cooking oil – which ones are healthy, which are not. This is especially important if you have any kind of digestive, or other health challenge. It’s not surprising really – we’ve been told for years that saturated fats are definitely...

Gut Symptoms: 5 Key Reasons Behind Them.

Gut Symptoms: 5 Key Reasons Behind Them.

There may be quite a few reasons you're experiencing IBS symptoms.  If you've been given the all clear by your doctor but you still have gut symptoms, these five areas may be worth exploring.   1. FODMAPS Although each person has different reactions to various...

8 Signs You Have Stomach Ulcers.

8 Signs You Have Stomach Ulcers.

For decades, stomach ulcers were considered to be psychosomatic, in other words a high-stress lifestyle was to blame. At the time doctors started identifying high rates of ulcers in hard-working businessmen who smoked a lot of cigarettes and were likely...

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