1:1 Coaching & Gut Testing
  • Enjoy Your Food
  • Feel Amazing


1:1 Coaching & Laboratory Testing


If you’re enduring digestive and/or hormonal issues that you can’t seem to get on top of please use the link above to book in for your free 30 minute consulation.

During this consultation I will gather more detailed information from you, then advise you on whether 1:1 coaching would be a suitable option for you.

I will also advise on which testing – if any – will help you acheive the best results.

“I’d been really struggling with this area of my body for nearly 18 months – it’s only been a couple of weeks and I cannot believe how much better I feel already. Seriously, I’ve had MRIs, certain ‘oscopys’ and no one could find anything. I followed your advice and my life feels like it changed overnight. You’re a total genius”


My days of stomach cramps are behind me, my pre-pregnancy clothes fit better than they ever have and now I’m enjoying my food again.


“Sometimes when I ate bread and those types of foods I’d get very bloated and need to go to the loo very urgently.  This really got in the way when I was on days out.

Now, only a few weeks into my program, I feel great!  My clothes are looser, I’ve got no bloating and loads of energy.  In fact, I completely do not feel tired any more – even when my daughter wakes at 2am!”


I am really happy about how simple the whole process has been.


“It is no exaggeration to say that Liz has given me my life back.  When I came to her for help my digestive system was a complete mess.  I felt like I could hardly digest any food at all and thought I must have something seriously wrong with me.  Liz calmed me down, listened to me, and gave me easy to follow advice – she totally understood that with three young children, I needed to have food options that were simple, filling and fast! 

 It’s truly incredible what a difference those few simple changes have made to my stomach.  My days of stomach cramps are behind me, my clothes fit better and now I can enjoy my food again.  I only wish that nutritionists like Liz were available on the NHS, so everyone could benefit from her life changing advice”




How many sessions do you recommend?

This is very individual, depending on many factors including the extent of the issue you’re dealing with. I have known clients to have got what they need in as few as 1-2 sessions but some clients might need a bit longer and feel that 6-10 sessions is more beneficial. 

Why use testing?

I sometimes recommend laboratory testing to help me direct your individual protocol, which will be tailored to your unique situation.  Testing allows me to be very specific with your support plan, therefore getting quicker results.  

Will you work with my other healthcare providers?

If necessary, I will keep your other healthcare providers up to date with any support plan we are working on.