Someone had a great question the other day – is your gut health related to your hormone health.  The answer:  Yes!  It absolutely is!!  So here’s a bit of background about gut health and hormones, what the links are, and three actions you can take to help avoid problems in the future.


It’s astonishing how many women get really bad gut problems at the time of their period, or problems that become really pronounced around the time of the perimenopause.  This is because both oestrogen and progesterone have direct effects on the sensitivity and motility of your gut.


It works the other way around too – the state of your gut really effects your hormones too.


Gut Health & Hormones – the stress link


Alcohol, medications, food intolerances and stress can all cause inflammation in the gut. You probably won’t know you’ve got inflammation in your gut, but if you’ve got symptoms like PMS or perimenopause it’s highly likely.


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Hormones are linked to mood and 90% of our main mood hormone – serotonin – is made in the gut.  It does a different job in the gut to the brain, but most of it is produced in the gut.


Gut Health & Hormones – the bacteria link


However, the main issue I wanted to highlight in this post is that our friendly bacteria play a vital role in how oestrogen is balanced in the body.


In an ideal world, oestrogen is produced by the ovaries, circulates around the body to where it’s needed, gets inactivated by the liver once its done its job THEN makes a swift exit through your digestive system


But problems can strike if you don’t have the correct balance of bacteria throughout your gut, i.e., too many bad guys and not enough good ones.  Some bacteria create an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase which reactivates the oestrogen in your gut. and sends it spiraling about through your system again.


This is really not ideal and we end up with oestrogen overload happening.


  • This makes periods heavier
  • Contributes to conditions such as fibroids
  • Gives many of the unwanted symptoms associated with the menopause
  • May even contribute to some cancers


So you can see here how a healthy gut and healthy hormones are very closely linked.  If you have a healthy balance of gut bacteria, that will help keep hormones at the right levels.  Then with your hormones at the correct levels, you’ll have fewer gut problems.


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    Gut Health and Hormones: Healthy Oestrogen Levels


    So, what can you do to help ensure you have healthy oestrogen levels?  Or if you’re noticing your gut health really suffering because of perimenopause.  Or even if you suspect your hormone health is out of kilter because of your ongoing gut problems.

    Here are a few tips to get you started:



    Cruciferous vegetables – a vital tool for great gut health and hormone levels

    Ensure you’re eating plenty of fibre, especially cruciferous veg – broccoli, cauliflower, kale etc.  These contain the  important compound Indole 3 carbinol which is broken down into DIM (3,3-Diindolylmethane) which helps your liver process oestrogen.




    Hydration & Probiotics

    Drink plenty of filtered water and keep hydrated.

    Get some probiotic foods into your diet, for example sauerkraut, kefir and kimchi.

    That should get you off to a good start with our gut and hormone health.




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