If you find your digestion’s feeling a bit off, maybe with bloating, nausea or aches and pains, you could do a lot worse than to make sure you have plenty of herbs and spices to hand in your kitchen cupboards. Read on to discover some simple home remedies for gut trouble.

There are literally hundreds of herbs and spices to help with day to day tricky gut situations.

Some herbs will support your body in producing bile. Bile is a digestive substance produced by the gall bladder which helps you digest fatty foods.

Many of these herbs and spices assist in soothing the gut wall. This helps ensure your gut is functioning correctly and gets any pesky excess gas out of your system.

However they do their job, you can be assured that the following herbs and spices will support healthy digestion, allowing the gut to function as it’s supposed to.

And apart from all that they taste amazing too!

Here are four of my favourite simple home remedies for gut trouble

1. Fennel

The seeds are often served in Asia alongside or after your food to promote healthy digestion.  An easier way is to drink fennel tea, or buy a fresh fennel bulb from the supermarket. It makes an awesome soup.

The seeds and the plant have been scientifically proven to be –

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti inflammatory

So, it may well help you get rid of any bacteria which is causing gassiness, or help with an upset stomach.


My favourite herb of all time and so handy. I have a box of chamomile tea in the kitchen all the time as I use it for sleeping and relaxation.

A lesser known benefit of chamomile is as a great treatment in case of any stomach aches or bloating. It works so well. Sometimes just three small cups of chamomile tea, one after the other, can nail most minor digestive complaints.

It’s also been proven in animal studies to be anti inflammatory and reduce diarrhoea. Not only that, it can also to inhibit the development of stomach ulcers – amazing!


A very well known remedy for all types of nausea, including morning sickness and travel sickness.

Ginger is very versatile. You can grate or chop the fresh bulbs, and add to hot water to make tea. Alternatively, add to stir-fry or curries.

To make things even simpler, buy it as a tea or use dried ginger in cooking.

Cumin (a lovely, simple home remedy for gut trouble)

Cumin is great for indigestion and actually revs your digestive processes up by increasing the activity of digestive enzymes.

Again, cumin will increase the production of bile so it’d be a great idea to include some of this if you tend to feel uncomfortable after eating fatty foods.

People with IBS have even reported improved symptoms after taking cumin as a supplement.

You might have noticed that a lot of these spices are traditionally served alongside notorious foods which commonly aggravate digestion, such as beans and lentils. Chilli and dhal are excellent examples of this.

There is a reason for this, they do actually help your gut to break down these harder to digest foods.  Here’s a great recipe for a delicious lentil dhal.

So there you go, four essential home remedies for gut trouble to have in your cupboard to support your digestion day-to-day. Enjoy them as teas or in cooking!

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