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“I’d been really struggling with this area of my body for nearly 18 months – it’s only been a couple of weeks and I cannot believe how much better I feel already. Seriously, I’ve had MRIs, certain ‘oscopys’ and no one could find anything. I followed your advice and my life feels like it changed overnight. You’re a total genius”


My days of stomach cramps are behind me, my pre-pregnancy clothes fit better than they ever have and now I’m enjoying my food again.


I suffered from bad anxiety which I had medication for.  I felt my emotions in my tummy which would result in IBS symptoms – I always had an emotional tummy.Certain foods gave me bloating, especially dairy (which made me feel sick too) and pasta, and I ended up in hospital for tests as things had gotten so bad.That’s when I decided to see Liz, she made a few simple tweaks to my diet and literally within days I started to feel better – “I’m so glad I came to see you”

“Sometimes when I ate bread and those types of foods I’d get very bloated and need to go to the loo very urgently.  This really got in the way when I was on days out.

Now, only a few weeks into my program, I feel great!  My clothes are looser, I’ve got no bloating and loads of energy.  In fact, I completely do not feel tired any more – even when my daughter wakes at 2am!”


I am really happy about how simple the whole process has been.


“It is no exaggeration to say that Liz has given me my life back.  When I came to her for help my digestive system was a complete mess.  I felt like I could hardly digest any food at all and thought I must have something seriously wrong with me.  Liz calmed me down, listened to me, and gave me easy to follow advice – she totally understood that with three young children, I needed to have food options that were simple, filling and fast! 

 It’s truly incredible what a difference those few simple changes have made to my stomach.  My days of stomach cramps are behind me, my clothes fit better and now I can enjoy my food again.  I only wish that nutritionists like Liz were available on the NHS, so everyone could benefit from her life changing advice”